Agriculture (AGRI)


AGRI 1001 Introduction to Agriculture (1 credits)
F,S Enrollment in this course is limited to freshmen in the College of Agriculture or by permission of department. Opportunities and educational requirements in all fields of agriculture, and careers in agriculture.
AGRI 1005 Science and Society (3 credits)
Principles of biology applied in a sociological context; relationships among scientific inquiry, ethics, social values, and public policies for the beginning science and nonscience student.
AGRI 1011 [Not Offered] ISSUES IN AGRI (1.0 credits)


AGRI 2001 [Not Offered] Special Topics in Agriculture (1-3 credits)
Prereq.: permission of department. May be repeated for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit. Faculty directed agriculture seminar designed to aid students in becoming aware of the issues facing them as they pursue leadership roles in agriculture fields.
AGRI 2900 [Not Offered] Directed Studies in Agricultural Leadership Development (3 credits)
Prereq.: HRE 2723 and permission of department. Faculty directed leadership development practicum in an agricultural-related activity or program intended to integrate academic learning with practice.