Anthropology (ANTH)


ANTH 1001 Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory (3 credits)
Origin and evolution of people; evolution and its physiological bases; human prehistory; human diversity; origin and development of human culture through the rise of civilization.
ANTH 1003 Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology (3 credits)
Diversity of human cultures; nature of culture, social organization, subsistence patterns, economics, law, politics, religion, language, and other institutions of culture viewed in cross-cultural perspective.


ANTH 2014 INTRO FORENSIC ANTH (3.0 credits)
ANTH 2015 Introduction to Archaeology (3 credits)
Archaeological goals, methods, techniques, and interpretations; particular prehistoric cultural sequences or projects; relationship of archaeology with other social, life, and earth sciences.
ANTH 2016 [Not Offered] Field Methods in Archaeology (3-6 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 2015 or equivalent. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. Techniques of survey, mapping, excavation, and recording; participation in one or more archaeological excavations.
ANTH 2050 World Archaeology (3 credits)
Survey of human culture history from the stone age to the present; spread of humanity around the globe; major cultural developments including hunting and gathering, origins of agriculture, discovery and spread of metalworking, rise of ancient civilizations, and development of the modern world.
ANTH 2051 Introduction to World Ethnography (3 credits)
Sex roles, economic pursuits, values, beliefs, families, and other institutions of selected nonwestern peoples; implications for American culture.
ANTH 2423 Introduction to Folklore (3 credits)
See ENGL 2423.


ANTH 3004 [Not Offered] Archaeology and the Bible (3 credits)
See REL 3004.
ANTH 3015 [Not Offered] The Archaeology of Ancient Greece (3 credits)
See CLST 3015.
ANTH 3060 Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics (3 credits)
Cultural variation in language and its uses; problems of language classification and areal linguistics; practice in phonemic and morphemic analysis of nonwestern languages.
ANTH 3401 The Study of Folklore (3 credits)
Also offered as ENGL 3401. History of the study of folklore; methods of collection, interpretation, and analysis of folklore materials; myth, folktale, legend, folk song, ballads, folk humor, festival, and folk speech; psychological, contextual, and structural analysis of oral literature; specific reference to the heritage of Louisiana and the South.
ANTH 3909 [Not Offered] Undergraduate Seminar in Anthropology (3 credits)
May be taken for a max. of 9 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
ANTH 3997 BONES BODIES & DISEA (3.0 credits)


ANTH 4002 [Not Offered] South Asian Society, Polity, and Culture (3 credits)
See INTL 4002.
ANTH 4003 [Not Offered] Indian Civilization of Middle and South America (3 credits)
Ancient Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations; modern Indian groups in Latin America.
ANTH 4004 [Not Offered] The North American Indians (3 credits)
Origin, distribution, language, and culture of the aboriginal population.
ANTH 4008 [Not Offered] ANCIENT CIV MID AMER (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4010 Human Osteology (3 credits)
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. Evolutionary biology and functional anatomy of the human skeleton.
ANTH 4012 [Not Offered] Archaeology of Death (3 credits)
Archaeological approaches to the study of historic cemeteries and ancient burials.
ANTH 4013 [Not Offered] DISASTER ANTHROPOLOG (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4014 [Not Offered] Forensic Anthropology (3 credits)
Fundamental concepts and application of techniques in forensic anthropology.
ANTH 4015 [Not Offered] North American Archaeology (3 credits)
ANTH 4016 [Not Offered] Old World Archaeology (3 credits)
Cultural developments in prehistory ranging from the earliest evidence of humans to the foundations of civilization.
ANTH 4017 [Not Offered] Louisiana Archaeology (3 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 4015 or equivalent. Two overnight field trips. Archaeological data relative to the Indian cultures dating from the end of the Pleistocene period to the early historic era.
ANTH 4018 [Not Offered] Historical Archaeology (3 credits)
Also offered as HIST 4151. Broad range of archaeological goals, methods, and interpretations unique to the study of the historic past; colonial and plantation archaeology in the southeastern U.S.
ANTH 4019 [Not Offered] GEOARCHAEOLOGY (4.0 credits)
ANTH 4020 Method and Theory in Archaeology (3 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 1001 or 1003, and ANTH 2015; or equivalent. Empirical method and theory in archaeological research emphasizing the logic of scientific argument; history of American archaeology, survey of modern archaeological interpretations, types of explanation, logic of archaeological classification, and formation of research designs.
ANTH 4021 [Not Offered] Advanced Field Methods in Archaeology (3-6 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 2015 and 2016 or equivalent and at least one upper-division or graduate course in archaeology. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit when topics vary. Advanced techniques of surveying, mapping, excavation, soil sampling, and recording.
ANTH 4022 [Not Offered] ANCIENT CIV SO AMER (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4023 Latin American Cultures (3 credits)
Spanish-American cultures in Latin America; their relationship to current societal changes.
ANTH 4024 [Not Offered] AERIAL PHOTO INTERP (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4025 [Not Offered] ARCHAEOLOGY OF FOOD (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4028 ANCIENT MAYA/MEDIA (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4031 [Not Offered] Comparative Religions (3 credits)
Also offered as REL 4031. Religious systems in different levels of sociocultural evolution.
ANTH 4032 [Not Offered] Religion, Gender, and Society (3 credits)
See REL 4032.
ANTH 4040 [Not Offered] Physical Anthropology (3 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 1001, or BIOL 1002 or BIOL 1202. Evolutionary theory, human variation, fossil record of human evolution, and primate behavior.
ANTH 4050 [Not Offered] Black Music in America (3 credits)
Cultural and historical survey of musical genres created and developed by black Americans.
ANTH 4051 Africa (3 credits)
Races and cultures of Negroid Africa.
ANTH 4053 [Not Offered] African-American Cultures (3 credits)
Cultures of African-Americans in the western hemisphere; their origins, development, and present distinctiveness.
ANTH 4060 [Not Offered] Language and Culture (3 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 3060 or ENGL 4010 or ENGL 4012 or COMD 2050 or equivalent. Also offered as LING 4060. Relationships between various aspects of language and culture.
ANTH 4064 [Not Offered] Pidgin and Creole Languages (3 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH 4060 or equivalent. Also offered as FREN 4064 and LING 4064. Linguistic, sociolinguistic, and anthropological study of new languages that emerge in contact situations, particularly among peoples of different races and cultures; languages of the slave trade and European commercial expansion from the 15th through 18th centuries.
ANTH 4070 [Not Offered] MEDICINE BODY POWER (3.0 credits)
ANTH 4074 [Not Offered] Place and Culture (3 credits)
Also offered as GEOG 4074. Consideration of place and culture as two core concepts in geography and anthropology.
ANTH 4081 [Not Offered] Human Evolution (3 credits)
The biological and cultural evolution of the human species.
ANTH 4082 [Not Offered] Social and Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
For graduate students with little or no anthropology background. Culture, society, and language in primitive and complex settings.
ANTH 4083 [Not Offered] Quaternary Paleoecology (3 credits)
See GEOG 4083.
ANTH 4085 History of Anthropological Theory (3 credits)
Major theories in all branches of anthropology; emphasis on cultural and social anthropology.
ANTH 4086 [Not Offered] Human-Environment Interactions (3 credits)
See GEOG 4086.
ANTH 4087 [Not Offered] Gender, Place, and Culture (3 credits)
Also offered as GEOG 4087 and WGS 4087.
ANTH 4090 [Not Offered] Ethnographic Methodology (3 credits)
Theories and techniques of ethnography; emphasis on utilization of informants.
ANTH 4440 [Not Offered] Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture (3 credits)
Also offered as ARCH 4440. Subject matter and instructor may vary; additional details available from department. World vernacular architecture, including indigenous and folk buildings; other forms of material culture.
ANTH 4470 Folklore of the African Diaspora (3 credits)
African, Caribbean, and African-American cultures from the viewpoint of the diaspora.
ANTH 4475 [Not Offered] American Folklore (3 credits)
See ENGL 4475.
ANTH 4909 [Not Offered] Undergraduate Seminar in Anthropology (3 credits)
Prereq.: written consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. when topics vary.
ANTH 4997 Special Topics in Anthropology (3 credits)
Permission of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. when topics vary.
ANTH 4998 [Not Offered] Independent Reading and Research in Anthropology (1-6 credits)
Prereq.: written consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. An honors course, ANTH 4999, is also available. Supervised reading or research selected by qualified advanced students.
ANTH 4999 [Not Offered] HONORS: Independent Reading and Research in Anthropology (1-6 credits)
Same as ANTH 4998, with special honors emphasis for qualified students.


ANTH 7032 [Not Offered] Comparative Studies in World Costume (3 credits)
See HUEC 7032.
ANTH 7060 Conversation and Discourse (3 credits)
Prereq.: completion of one course in linguistics. Also offered as LING 7060. Analysis of language in use; conversation, narrative, culturally specific genres; emphasis on discourse structures in naturally occurring context.
ANTH 7070 [Not Offered] RITUAL:THEORY CONTEX (3.0 credits)
ANTH 7074 [Not Offered] Poetics of Place (3 credits)
Prereq.: ANTH/GEOG 4074 or permission of instructor. Also offered as GEOG 7074. Combination of the observational method of social science with the literary insights of poetry and fiction; understanding of how places where humans live out their lives convey a variety of meanings beyond that of the strictly utilitarian.
ANTH 7081 [Not Offered] Conceptual Issues in Human Evolution (3 credits)
Prereq.: Permission of instructor. May be repeated for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit when topics vary. Consideration of the various conceptual issues on human evolution.
ANTH 7105 [Not Offered] Seminar in Historical Archaeology (3 credits)
Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
ANTH 7108 [Not Offered] Mesoamerican Archaeology Seminar (3 credits)
Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
ANTH 7200 [Not Offered] Human Fertility (3 credits)
Biological, behavioral, and demographic aspects of human reproduction.
ANTH 7760 [Not Offered] CREOLIZATION (3.0 credits)
ANTH 7766 [Not Offered] READ IN CARIB AND LA (3.0 credits)
ANTH 7901 Introduction to Graduate Study (1 credits)
Same as GEOG 7901. Techniques and methods of the profession for incoming graduate students.
ANTH 7906 [Not Offered] Nature of Culture (3 credits)
ANTH 7909 Selected Topics in Anthropology (3 credits)
Permission of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Also offered as LING 7909.
ANTH 7936 [Not Offered] ADV QUAL RES GEOG&AN (3.0 credits)
ANTH 7943 PALEOCLIMATOLOGY (3.0 credits)
ANTH 7954 [Not Offered] Anthropology of Complex Societies (3 credits)
Anthropological assumptions of theory and technique; problems generated by applying these assumptions to contemporary Africa, India, Latin America, and Anglo-America.
ANTH 7962 [Not Offered] Field Methods in Linguistics (3 credits)
Prereq.: at least one upper-division or graduate linguistics course. 2 hrs. lecture; 1 hr. individual consultation. Also offered as LING 7962. Recording and analyzing a living nonEuropean language and using a native-speaking informant.
ANTH 7999 [Not Offered] Research in Anthropology (1-6 credits)
Prereq.: written consent of instructor. May be repeated for credit. Total credit earned in ANTH 4998 and 7999 cannot exceed 9 sem. hrs. Also offered as LING 7999. Individual supervision of advanced research and field work in anthropology.


ANTH 8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
Permission of instructor. �S�/�U� grading.


ANTH 9000 DISSERTATION RES (1-12 credits)