Dairy Science (DARY)


DARY 1048 [Not Offered] Elements of Dairying (3 credits)
F,S Fundamentals of dairy production and manufacturing.


DARY 2040 [Not Offered] Techniques of Judging and Evaluating Dairy Cattle (2 credits)
F Development of live animal evaluation techniques in a clinical setting; emphasis on visual evaluation, decision making, oral communication.
DARY 2049 [Not Offered] Dairy Cattle Production Practices (3 credits)
S Prereq.: DARY 1048. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Dairy cattle production practices; care, fitting, showing dairy cattle.
DARY 2072 [Not Offered] Introductory Agricultural Genetics (3 credits)
S Prereq.: BIOL 1002 or equivalent. Introduction to classical and modern genetic methodology used in agriculture including Mendelian principles, successful breeding techniques, assisted reproductive technology, genetic engineering and other biotechnological methods.
DARY 2075 [Not Offered] Milk and Dairy Foods (3 credits)
F Product processing techniques and related principles involved in market preparation of milk and dairy foods; emphasis on consumer and processor viewpoints relative to product composition, processing, marketing, sanitation, and related environmental aspects.
DARY 2085 [Not Offered] Milk Quality Control Laboratory (2 credits)
S Prereq.: permission of department. 4 hrs. lab. Public Health Service laboratory and inspection procedures for quality control on dairy farms and in milk plants.
DARY 2093 [Not Offered] Dairy Products Judging (2 credits)
S Development of sensory evaluation techniques in a clinical setting; emphasis on sensory evaluation, decision making, oral communication.


DARY 3010 [Not Offered] Applied Animal Feed Formulation (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ANSC 1011 or DARY 1048 or PLSC 1049 and MATH 1021 or equivalent. Formulation of feed for agricultural animals, including feed laws, feed stuffs, and requirements.
DARY 3049 [Not Offered] Topics in Dairy Science (1-3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: consent of department head. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. credit. Topics from dairy production or dairy food manufacturing areas.
DARY 3050 [Not Offered] Dairy Science Internship (3 credits)
Su Prereq.: junior standing with an overall gpa of 2.20 and consent of department head. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit. Forty hours of supervised work in the dairy industry.


DARY 4020 [Not Offered] Dairy Foods Technology: Frozen and Cultured Dairy Products (4 credits)
F-O 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Principles and processes in the manufacture of ice cream and other frozen dairy products; concentrated milk products; cheese and fermented milk products.
DARY 4040 [Not Offered] Quality Assurance in the Food Industry (4 credits)
S-E Prereq.: BIOL 2051. 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Also offered as ANSC 4040, FDSC 4040, and PLSC 4040. Laboratory functions, manufacturing processes, and microbiological, chemical, and statistical techniques used to provide complete quality assurance for the modern dairy food plant.
DARY 4043 [Not Offered] Domestic Animal Endocrinology (3 credits)
F Relation of endocrine system to reproduction, growth, and function of domestic animals.
DARY 4045 [Not Offered] Reproductive Physiology of Farm Animals (3 credits)
F Also offered as ANSC 4045. Reproductive anatomy and physiology of farm animals; factors affecting reproductive performance.
DARY 4046 [Not Offered] Physiology of Lactation (2 credits)
S-E Prereq.: BIOL 1002 and 1005; or equivalent. Anatomy and development of the mammary gland; physiological and biochemical regulation of mammary growth and milk secretion; emphasis on farm animals.
DARY 4047 [Not Offered] Reproductive Management and Artificial Insemination (1 credits)
F Prereq.: credit or registration in ANSC/DARY 4045. 3 hrs. lab. Management techniques and principles necessary for artificial insemination in cattle.
DARY 4051 [Not Offered] Dairy Seminar (1 credits)
F May be taken for a max. of 2 hrs. of credit. Required for all seniors in the Department of Dairy Science. Reports on current scientific investigations.
DARY 4054 [Not Offered] Dairy Farm Management (4 credits)
S-O Prereq.: DARY 2049 or consent of instructor. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Principles of managing dairy cattle; recommended farm practices for economical milk production.
DARY 4081 [Not Offered] Dairy Microbiology (3 credits)
F Prereq.: BIOL 2051. 1 hr. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. Application of specific bacteriological procedures used in quality control and processing of dairy products.
DARY 4118 [Not Offered] Applied Animal Breeding and Genetics (2 credits)
F-E Prereq.: DARY 2072 or BIOL 2153 and EXST 2201. Mating systems and methods of breeding for genetic improvement in farm livestock.


DARY 7004 [Not Offered] Population Genetics in Animal and Plant Breeding (4 credits)
S Prereq.: DARY 4118 and EXST 7004; or equivalent. 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Genetic concepts concerning characteristics of populations.
DARY 7018 [Not Offered] Rumen Physiology and Metabolism (3 credits)
F-O Comparison of ruminants to other herbivora and nonruminant animals; factors associated with obtaining and utilizing feeds; fermentation products; symbiotic relationship between microflora and the host animal; host animal metabolism.
DARY 7020 [Not Offered] Andrology (3 credits)
S-E Prereq.: DARY/ANSC 4045 or equivalent. Male reproductive physiology and anatomy of avian, aquatic, and mammalian species.
DARY 7091 [Not Offered] Advanced Dairy Seminar (1 credits)
F,S May be taken 4 times for credit.


DARY 8000 [Not Offered] Thesis Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
�S�/�U� grading.
DARY 8900 [Not Offered] Research Procedure in Dairy Science (1-6 credits)
Prereq.: consent of department. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. credit. Research in dairy breeding and genetics, management, nutrition, and physiology; dairy manufacturing.


DARY 9000 [Not Offered] Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
�S�/�U� grading.