Educ Leadership Research Couns (ELRC)


ELRC 2507 Introduction to Classroom Technology (3 credits)
Introduction to technology tools and effective technology integration methods to enhance student learning.


ELRC 3200 [Not Offered] Classroom Assessment (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: credit or registration in a methods course appropriate to the student's teaching level or major or minor. Principles and techniques in development, administration, scoring, and evaluation of written, performance-based, and other forms of classroom assessment; applications of technology in classroom assessment.
ELRC 3500 Utilization of Instructional Materials (3 credits)
F,S,SU Open only to candidates for teacher certification. Basic techniques for preparing effective instructional materials.
ELRC 3600 [Not Offered] Women, Gender, and Leadership (3 credits)
Also offered as WGS 3600.


ELRC 4000 [Not Offered] History of Education (3 credits)
F,S,Su Development of formal and informal education in multicultural settings from earliest times to the present.
ELRC 4001 [Not Offered] History of American Education (3 credits)
F,S,Su Cultural diversity and the response of educational thought and practice in America from colonial times to the present.
ELRC 4002 [Not Offered] Survey of Philosophy of Education (3 credits)
F,S,Su Key theories of human nature, culture, and society and their bearings on education.
ELRC 4003 [Not Offered] Cultural Pluralism in American Education (3 credits)
Basic features of major cultures in American society; their impact on American education; historical approaches to educating persons of different cultures; changing roles of schools in responding to cultural pluralism.
ELRC 4006 Introduction to Applied Statistics in Educational Research (3 credits)
F,Su Basic descriptive and inferential statistics in educational research; systematic examination and interpretation of statistical information in published educational research.
ELRC 4200 [Not Offered] Introduction to Educational Measurement (3 credits)
F,S,Su Basic theory of educational measurement; assessment in the school setting; test construction and use; evaluation and applications of standardized tests; measurement in multicultural settings.
ELRC 4249 Understanding and Applying Research in Education (3 credits)
F,S,Su For the specialist or nonthesis master's degree student. Instructing teachers and administrators to become intelligent consumers of research.
ELRC 4360 Foundations, Functions, and Adminis tration of Counseling and Guidance Services (3 credits)
V Multidisciplinary foundations of guidance; major guidance functions; administration of guidance programs.
ELRC 4361 [Not Offered] Counseling Children (3 credits)
V Introduction to methods and procedures.
ELRC 4364 Student Affairs in Higher Education (3 credits)
V Basic concepts and issues in the college student affairs field.
ELRC 4365 [Not Offered] Basic Course in Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)
F,S Introduction to basic communication skills and counseling techniques.
ELRC 4400 [Not Offered] Introduction to Educational Administration (3 credits)
F,S,Su Organization of the American educational enterprise; economic, political, social, and cultural forces that affect the administration of American education.
ELRC 4501 [Not Offered] Selection and Utilization of Educational Media (3 credits)
Introduction to instructional technology; characteristics of media, objective specifications, and evaluation of instructional modules and systems.
ELRC 4507 Computer Technology in Education (3 credits)
Applications of computers in instruction; educational data processing, computer-assisted and computer-managed instruction; information storage and retrieval; use of micro/mini computers.
ELRC 4512 [Not Offered] Fundamental Computer Science for Teachers (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4507 (or prior programming experience) and credit in an education methods course numbered 3000 or above. See CSC 4602.
ELRC 4535 [Not Offered] Educational Telecommunications and the Internet (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 4507 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Use of telecommunication tools found in educational settings; integration of telecommunications resources into instruction; research using the World Wide Web; design, development, and evaluation of Web-based materials that include multimedia; security and legal issues; configuration of school and district networks; distance education applications; and emerging trends and research issues.
ELRC 4600 [Not Offered] Counseling for Disabling Conditions (3 credits)
S Etiology, identification, and counseling interventions for conditions and disorders which result in disablement and impaired functioning.
ELRC 4601 [Not Offered] Management of Counseling Services (3 credits)
Su Case and program management procedures for client rehabilitation.
ELRC 4602 INTRO TO COUNSELING (3.0 credits)


ELRC 5300 [Not Offered] Special Problems in Guidance and Counseling (3 credits)
V Prereq.: consent of instructor. 1 hr. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. May be taken for a max. of 9 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
ELRC 5505 [Not Offered] Production of Instructional Materials (3 credits)
Instructional graphics production techniques; principles of visual design and instructional message design.
ELRC 5880 [Not Offered] Special Topics in Education (1-3 credits)
V Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Direction and assistance for the practitioner in solving special problems in school organization.


ELRC 7000 [Not Offered] Seminar in Philosophy of Education (3 credits)
Su Prereq.: ELRC 4002. Theories of education and schooling with special focus on the context of pluralistic societies.
ELRC 7001 [Not Offered] Ethics and Educational Leadership (3 credits)
S,Su Study of ethical theory, judgement, and practice in educational contexts.
ELRC 7006 Educational Statistics (4 credits)
F Prereq.: ELRC 4006 or equivalent. 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Descriptive and inferential statistics in educational research, computerized data analysis using SPSS or SAS; correlation and regression; normal, t, chi-square, and F distributions; hypotheses testing and interval estimation; analysis of variance, nonparametric chi-square test.
ELRC 7010 [Not Offered] Principles of Testing and Measurement (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7006. Construction of measurement instruments for research purposes; utilization of standardized tests and inventories in research; measurement in multicultural and cross-cultural contexts; implications of measurement reliability and validity for research design and statistical analysis.
ELRC 7016 Advanced Educational Statistics (4 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7006 or equivalent. 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Advanced statistical procedures and computerized data analysis using SPSS or SAS; analysis of variance and covariance; application of multiple regression techniques in educational research.
ELRC 7018 [Not Offered] Advanced Computerized Data Analysis for Research (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7016 or equivalent. Utilization of standard statistical packages such as SPSS and SAS for analysis of research data with complex structure; preparation and analysis of multi-level, nested, and repeated measures data; hands-on training in design, statistical analysis and interpretation of complex data files; review and application of specialized data analysis programs in educational research.
ELRC 7201 [Not Offered] Theory of Educational Measurement (3 credits)
F Prereq.: ELRC 4200. Principles of psychometric theory as applied in the educational setting; classical measurement theory and recent psychometric techniques such as item-response theory and criterion-referenced measurement.
ELRC 7202 [Not Offered] Seminar in Educational Measurement (3 credits)
Su Prereq.: ELRC 7006 and 7201. Basic theories and problems in educational measurement.
ELRC 7203 [Not Offered] Computer Assisted Testing (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7006. Computer adaptive testing; computerized item and test development; continuous and intelligent measurement; analyzing and reporting test results; legal issues and professional standards.
ELRC 7220 [Not Offered] Education Program Evaluation (3 credits)
F Prereq.: ELRC 4249 and either ELRC 4006 or 7006. Current models and issues in educational evaluation as a professional practice; design and development of a comprehensive evaluation plan that includes specification of theoretical framework, problem identification, data collection/analysis procedures, report writing format, and dissemination plans.
ELRC 7221 [Not Offered] Performance Evaluation in Education (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 4200 and 4249; or equivalent. Current procedures and research concerning performance evaluation of students, teachers, and administrators; methodological, professional, and legal issues.
ELRC 7240 [Not Offered] Critical Analysis of Current Research in Educational Media (3 credits)
Su Prereq.: ELRC 4501, 4507, or equivalent. Analysis of current literature in the field; evaluation of current and needed research; systems approach to solving instructional problems.
ELRC 7241 [Not Offered] Educational Research Methodology (3 credits)
F,S Prereq.: ELRC 4006 or 7006. Completion of a research proposal, preferably a pre-dissertation proposal, is required. Comprehensive and general review of qualitative and quantitative research methods in education.
ELRC 7242 [Not Offered] Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs in Educational Research (3 credits)
F,S Prereq.: ELRC 7016 and 7241. Experimental and quasi-experimental designs in educational research, including nested and block designs and evaluation of internal/external validity; design and implementation of projects; analyzing variance data through computer programs; advanced analysis of variance and covariances; multiple regression.
ELRC 7243 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (4 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 4249 or 7241. 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Introduction to qualitative research traditions and methods in education, including: ethnography, grounded theory, and case study; major methods including observational techniques, interviewing, and document analysis; philosophical issues regarding the qualitative research approach; emphasis on qualitative data analysis, including the use of computer programs, such as ATLAS.ti.
ELRC 7248 [Not Offered] Introductory Research Practicum (3 credits)
F By arrangement with a state agency, a local school system, or other educational agency, students assist in the conducting of a variety of research methodologies under the supervision of the course instructor and the professional practice supervisor at the site.
ELRC 7249 [Not Offered] Advanced Research Practicum (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7248. By arrangement with a state agency, a local school system, or other educational agency, students assume a leadership role in conducting research studies under the supervision of the course instructor and the professional practice supervisor at the site.
ELRC 7251 [Not Offered] Technology Systems in Educational Research (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4507 and 4249 or permission of instructor. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Technology innovations and models that facilitate educational research; telecommunications and technology transfer; computer-assisted assessment; technology-based data collection devices; computer analysis of text-based data; computer-aided dissemination of data.
ELRC 7260 [Not Offered] Advanced Methods in Educational Program Evaluation (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7220. Evaluation of a selected educational program; establishing program parameters; formative/summative evaluations; guides for conducting evaluations and small experiments; report writing.
ELRC 7263 [Not Offered] Advanced Qualitative Methods in Education (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7243. Construction of a case study of an educational institution or an individual's life; singleand multiple-case designs; analyzing case study evidence; report writing.
ELRC 7270 Mixed Methods Research in Education (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4249 or 7241. Mixed methods as a separate research methodology integrating both the quantitative and the qualitative approaches.
ELRC 7280 [Not Offered] Content Analys is (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4249 or 7241. Principles, theories, and strategies for systematically examining the content of textual and other mediated communication.
ELRC 7290 [Not Offered] Seminar: Educational Research Methodology (1-3 credits)
May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Advanced topics in educational research methods.
ELRC 7299 Introduction to Scholarship in Education (3 credits)
Restricted to PhD or EdS students in the department, or permission of instructor. Introduction to scholarship in education and to demands and expectations of doctoral study.
ELRC 7300 [Not Offered] PROF DEV SEMINAR (2.0 credits)
ELRC 7301 [Not Offered] Orientation to the World of Work (3 credits)
V Prereq.: ELRC 7332. Also offered as HRE 7301. For elementary school counselors. Basic concepts underlying orientation, awareness, and exploration phases of the career development process.
ELRC 7302 [Not Offered] Group Dynamics and Techniques in the Elementary Schools (3 credits)
V Prereq.: ELRC 4361 and 4365. For elementary school counselors. Dynamics of small group behavior; emphasis on classroom consultation and demonstration procedures.
ELRC 7330 [Not Offered] Group Techniques and Dynamics in Counseling (3 credits)
S Dynamics of small group processes, theories of group counseling, and basic group leadership skills.
ELRC 7331 Counseling Theory and Techniques (3 credits)
F Review of major counseling theories and intervention methods.
ELRC 7332 [Not Offered] Educational and Occupational Information (3 credits)
V See HRE 7332.
ELRC 7333 [Not Offered] Analysis of the Individual (3 credits)
Su Overview of selection, administration, interpretation, and use of assessment and evaluation instruments and techniques in counseling.
ELRC 7334 [Not Offered] Vocational Counseling (3 credits)
V Prereq.: ELRC 7332 or equivalent. Also offered as HRE 7334. Materials and techniques in vocational counseling of adolescents and adults.
ELRC 7345 [Not Offered] COUNS SKILLS INTERV (3.0 credits)
ELRC 7360 [Not Offered] Counseling Practicum in Elementary Schools (3-6 credits)
F,S Prereq.: consent of instructor. 2 hrs. conf.; 6-18 hrs. lab in work setting. Supervised experience in elementary schools.
ELRC 7362 Practicum in School Counseling (3-6 credits)
F,S Prereq.: ELRC 4360, 4365, 7330, 7331, 7395, and consent of instructor.; 6-18 hrs. lab in work setting. Supervised experience in elementary, middle, or high school settings.
ELRC 7364 Community Agency Counseling Practicum (3-6 credits)
F,S Prereq.: ELRC 4365, 4600, 4601, 7330, 7331, 7395, and consent of instructor. 2 hrs. conf.; 1 hr. lab; 6-18 hrs. lab in a work setting. Supervised clinical experience in community agency settings (e.g., counseling center, mental health center).
ELRC 7365 [Not Offered] Seminar in Counseling (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4365 and 7331; or equivalent. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Consultation with professor and peers regarding problems encountered in implementing counseling services.
ELRC 7390 [Not Offered] Advanced Counseling Theory and Techniques (3 credits)
Su Prereq.: ELRC 7331 or equivalent. Theoretical approaches to individual counseling.
ELRC 7391 COUN ACROSS LIFESPAN (3.0 credits)
ELRC 7392 [Not Offered] Advanced Vocational Counseling (3 credits)
V Prereq.: ELRC 7334 or equivalent. Also offered as HRE 7392. Life career planning through vocational assessment and counseling; vocational counseling theory, research, and practice.
ELRC 7393 Multicultural Counseling (3 credits)
Su Overview of cross-cultural counseling skills and review of factors which influence the behaviors of individuals from diverse populations.
ELRC 7394 [Not Offered] Advanced Group Counseling (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 7330 or equivalent. Small group counseling approaches.
ELRC 7395 [Not Offered] Family Counseling (3 credits)
F,S Introduction to family system principles and their application to problem assessment, including family dynamics, family assessment, developmental stages, ethical and cultural issues.
ELRC 7396 [Not Offered] Advanced Family Counseling (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 7395 or equivalent. Practice in assessing family dynamics; supervised experience in developing and implementing therapeutic interventions.
ELRC 7397 Special Topics in Counseling (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: consent of instructor. 1 hr. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
ELRC 7398 [Not Offered] Field Experiences in Vocational Counseling (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 7332 and 7334. 1 hr. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit. Also offered as HRE 7398.
ELRC 7399 [Not Offered] Supervised Counseling Internship (3-9 credits)
F,S Prereq.: ELRC 7360, 7362, or 7364 and consent of instructor. 2 hrs. conf.; 20-40 hrs. per week at a clinical setting, serving children, adolescents, adults, or families. May be taken for a max. of 9 hrs. of credit.
ELRC 7400 [Not Offered] Problems of Educational Finance (3 credits)
F,Su Financing public elementary and secondary schools in terms of federal, state, and local sources of revenue, tax structures, budget preparation, and cost analysis.
ELRC 7401 [Not Offered] Administration of School Personnel (3 credits)
S,Su Role of the school administrator in personnel planning, staff development, and employee relationships.
ELRC 7402 [Not Offered] Organizational Research in Educational Administration (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4400 and consent of instructor. Primarily for doctoral students in educational administration. Research, bibliography, and source materials; critical examination of organizational research studies.
ELRC 7403 [Not Offered] The Principalship in Elementary and Secondary Schools (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 4400 or equivalent. Duties and responsibilities of the principal for organization, administration, and supervision of elementary and secondary schools.
ELRC 7404 [Not Offered] Internship in Educational Administration (3-6 credits)
F, S,Su Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. For advanced graduate students qualified for internship in educational administration. Pass-fail grading.
ELRC 7406 [Not Offered] Supervision of Child Welfare and Attendance (3 credits)
V Prereq.: ELRC 4400 and 7450; or equivalent. Role and function of the supervisor of child welfare and attendance; seminars, field study, and individual research; legal provisions, history, and philosophy.
ELRC 7407 [Not Offered] Politics, Policy, and Administration in Education (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4400 and consent of instructor. Primarily for doctoral students in educational administration. Critical analysis of educational policy and its development.
ELRC 7408 [Not Offered] School and Community Relations (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 4400. Analysis of community demands on schools; organizational response from social science perspectives.
ELRC 7409 [Not Offered] Seminar in Educational Leadership (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4400. Exploration of theories of leadership, leading and empowerment, critical thinking, reflective practice, and school administration; school restructuring, leadership in unique contexts, and directions in educational change and reform.
ELRC 7410 [Not Offered] Cultural and Political Issues in Urban School Leadership (3 credits)
Focus on the role of leaders, including the principal, in urban schools; impact of societal factors on school leaders in urban elementary and secondary schools.
ELRC 7420 [Not Offered] Administration of Technology Programs (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 4501 or 4507 or consent of instructor. Primarily for personnel responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating educational technology programs. Topics include applications, facilities, finances, acquisitions, and staff development.
ELRC 7422 [Not Offered] Introduction to School Improvement/Action Research (3 credits)
F School effectiveness research; teacher effectiveness research; school improvement; action research; based on the knowledge of these literatures, students will be required to develop a research proposal whose objective is to improve school and/or faculty performance.
ELRC 7423 [Not Offered] Advanced School Improvement/Action Research (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ELRC 7422. Students refine and administer an action research project at a selected school site. Students will assess the success of their interventions through multiple measures and write a research report that reflects their experiences throughout the semester. In class discussions focusing on methodological difficulties that students encounter and how to overcome them.
ELRC 7430 [Not Offered] Best Practices of School Leadership I (6 credits)
Knowledge and experiential base to support decision making and action at a level of whole school responsibility.
ELRC 7431 [Not Offered] Best Practices of School Leadership II (6 credits)
F,S Prereq.: ELRC 7430. Second course in a two course sequence . Provides a knowledge and experiential base to support decision making and action at a level of whole school responsibility.
ELRC 7432 [Not Offered] BST PRAC PRIN LDR I (3.0 credits)
ELRC 7433 [Not Offered] BST PRAC PR LDR II (3.0 credits)
ELRC 7450 [Not Offered] Supervision of Instruction in Elementary and Secondary Schools (3 credits)
F,S,Su Theories, principles, and practices concerning the role of the supervisor in today's multicultural school settings.
ELRC 7451 [Not Offered] Supervision of Student Teaching (3 credits)
F,S,Su Principles of planning, observing, and evaluating student teaching; participation in student conferences.
ELRC 7500 [Not Offered] Technology in Educational Leadership (3 credits)
F,S,Su Overview of salient advances in theory, research, and practice in educational technology; examining leadership roles in regard to emerging trends and issues in educational technology; analyzing current technology integration models.
ELRC 7502 [Not Offered] Principles of Distance Education (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 4507 or consent of instructor. Applications of the principles of distance education to teaching and learning in educational and training contexts.
ELRC 7503 [Not Offered] Instructional Design (3 credits)
F Prereq.: ELRC 4507 or approved equivalent. Instructional design theories and models and their application in solving real world instructional/learning problems.
ELRC 7504 [Not Offered] Educational Technology and the Law (3 credits)
Legal issues concerning educational technology.
ELRC 7505 [Not Offered] Design and Development of Multimedia Instructional Units (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4507 and 7503; or equivalent. Instructional design for computer-assisted instruction; emphasis on learning theory, events of instruction, structuring instructional sequences for maximum content retention.
ELRC 7509 [Not Offered] Authoring Systems for Educators (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 4507 and 7505; or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Authoring systems, with emphasis on Super PILOT and LOGO for individualized learning; system variables, transfer and portability parameters, student involvement, alternative systems, and formative and summative evaluation procedures.
ELRC 7516 [Not Offered] Practicum in Educational Media (3-6 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 7420 or 7505; or consent of instructor. 9-18 hrs. lab. Practical experience in teaching, producing, utilizing, and administering educational media.
ELRC 7517 [Not Offered] Seminar in Educational Media (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7240 and 7420; or consent of instructor. Advanced topics in instructional technology.
ELRC 7520 [Not Offered] Educational Technology in Business, Industry, and Government Agencies (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7503 and one of the following: ELRC 5505, 7502. Techniques used to meet training and development needs in business, industry, and governmental agencies.
ELRC 7525 [Not Offered] Professional Development for K-12: Technology Integration (3 credits)
F Analyze effective professional development strategies; plan, design and implement, and evaluate technology staff development activities.
ELRC 7535 [Not Offered] Advanced Telecommunications and Electronic Learning (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 4507 or consent of instructor. Scope and elements of the online environment; technologies and strategies for online teaching and learning; design, development, or conversion of courses for online delivery; course management, assessment, and evaluation; policy issues.
ELRC 7550 [Not Offered] Theory and Research in Educational Technology (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7240 and 7503. For advanced graduate students. Theoretical foundations and research in educational technology; emphasis on theories of communication, learning theories, educational psychology, and behavioral sciences.
ELRC 7600 [Not Offered] Issues of Race and Gender in Higher Education (3 credits)
Historical and socio-political perspectives on the higher education experiences of women, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanics, focusing primarily on the period from the 1960s to the present.
ELRC 7601 Foundations of Higher Education (3 credits)
History of the sociological and philosophical foundations for higher education in the United States.
ELRC 7602 Organization and Administration of Higher Education (3 credits)
S Organization and administration of postsecondary education in the United States and abroad; organizational theory; organization and governance structure of American higher education; patterns of institutional administration.
ELRC 7603 Leadership in Higher Education (3 credits)
S Analysis of leadership issues and theory relating to postsecondary education, including the college presidency and academic governance; institutional culture; student diversity, curricular change, and new providers of higher education.
ELRC 7604 [Not Offered] Politics and Policy of Higher Education (3 credits)
Political and policy issues surrounding higher education; issues of race and gender, politics, and policy of student loans; policies toward unprepared college students; collective bargaining; the accreditation process.
ELRC 7605 Higher Education and the Law (3 credits)
Legal issues concerning higher education, including tenure, academic freedom, campus crime, sexual harassment, laws against discrimination, student discipline, and liability for accidents and injuries.
ELRC 7606 Curriculum and College Teaching (3 credits)
Critical analysis of college curriculum and approaches to teaching; historical development of curricular models; introduction to teaching and learning theories.
ELRC 7607 [Not Offered] Finance in Higher Education (3 credits)
Public policy and theory of financing higher education; topics include tuition, pricing, tuition policy, financial management of institutions, and financial aid.
ELRC 7609 [Not Offered] Strategic Planning in Higher Education (3 credits)
Strategic plans for institutions of higher education; processes by which those plans are developed; higher education strategy within the context of the cultural and competitive environment; emphasis on current topics in organizational strategy.
ELRC 7610 [Not Offered] Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (3 credits)
Analysis of assessment and evaluation practices in higher education; role of assessment in policy development and strategic planning.
ELRC 7611 College Students in the United States (3 credits)
Critical analysis of issues related to college students in the United States, including access, choice, climate, student organizations, and development and identity.
ELRC 7612 [Not Offered] Student Development Theory (3 credits)
Explores the development of students in the higher education environment, including theories and research related to intellectual, moral, ego, psychosocial, career, and spiritual development.
ELRC 7791 [Not Offered] Educational System Analysis (3 credits)
V Prereq.: completion of 3 sem. hrs. in educational administration or equivalent. Same as EDCI 7791. Basic techniques for designing instructional systems; emphasis on instructional objectives; design and selection of instructional alternatives; and evaluation of instructional systems.
ELRC 7800 [Not Offered] Economics of Education (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7400 or equivalent. Introduction to human capital theory; emphasis on costs and benefits of education, benefit-cost analysis; educational productivity; education and economic growth; and educational planning.
ELRC 7802 [Not Offered] Theory Development in Educational Administration (3 credits)
Prereq.: ELRC 7006, 7402, and 7407, or equivalent; and consent of instructor. Primarily for doctoral students in educational administration. Critical analysis of approaches to inquiry; development of theory in educational administration.
ELRC 7805 [Not Offered] Perspectives on Leadership (3 credits)
F,S,Su Examines theories and practices of leadership from multiple perspectives.
ELRC 7806 Leadership for Learning (3 credits)
Prereq.: 7805 or equivalent. Primarily for doctoral students in educational leadership and technology. Examination of leadership theories and practices relevant to K-12 school settings.
ELRC 7811 [Not Offered] Seminar in Current Trends in Education (3 credits)
S Open only to students who have completed qualifying examination for the doctoral degree. Current issues and trends; sources, bibliography, and research in the student's major.
ELRC 7840 [Not Offered] Educational Facility Planning (3 credits)
F,S,Su For school administrators. Problems in school construction.
ELRC 7870 [Not Offered] Legal Aspects of Education (3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: ELRC 4400 and 7450. Case law and its implications for teachers and administrators.
ELRC 7890 Seminar: Educational Administration (1-3 credits)
Prereq.: master's degree. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Advanced topics in educational administration.
ELRC 7900 Independent Study (1-6 credits)
May be taken for a max. of 12 sem. hrs. of credit. Open to advanced graduate students. Directed individual study under the guidance of a graduate faculty member.


ELRC 8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
�S�/�U� grading.
ELRC 8900 Pre-dissertation Research (1-9 credits)
Prereq.: consent of department.


ELRC 9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
�S�/�U� grading.