Environmental Management Syste (EMS)


EMS 1011 Environment and Technology: Perspective on Environmental Problems (3 credits)
See ENVS 1000.


EMS 2011 [Not Offered] ANAL ENV ISSUES (3.0 credits)
EMS 2051 Soil Science (4 credits)
See AGRO 2051.


EMS 3040 [Not Offered] Applied Environmental Management (4 credits)
S Prereq.: EMS 1011, ENGL 2000. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Applications of planning, management, and decision making to environmental policy, systems, and management; evaluation of environmental decision making; environmental ethics; analysis of environmental issues at the local, state, and national levels.
EMS 3045 Soil Conservation (2 credits)
See AGRO 3040.
EMS 3050 Environmental Regulations and Compliance (3 credits)
F Prereq.: EMS 1011, ECON 2030 or AGEC 2003. Local, state, and federal environmental regulations; enforcement of and compliance with regulations; roles of regulatory agencies.
EMS 3090 Environmental Internship (3 credits)
F,S Prereq.: permission of department and junior standing. Credit will not be given for this course and AGRO 3090. Professional experience in some aspect of environmental management; student must submit a proposal explaining internship goals and education component; reports, employer evaluation, paper, and presentation are required.


EMS 4010 [Not Offered] Applied Ecology (2 credits)
See ENVS 4010.
EMS 4020 [Not Offered] Quantitative Risk Assessment (3 credits)
F,S Prereq.: six hours of chemistry and six hours of biological sciences, MATH 1431 or equivalent. Assessment of environmental risks; interactions of pollution/toxins with the human body; managing and predicting risks.
EMS 4030 [Not Offered] Environmental Permit Writing (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ENGL 3002 or 3101, EMS 3040. May not be taken for graduate credit. Permit writing; permitting process; environmental assessment; environmental impact statements; communicating technical information.
EMS 4040 [Not Offered] Environmental Instrumental Analysis (3 credits)
S Prereq.: CHEM 1201, 1202, 1212, 2001. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. May not be taken for graduate credit. Analysis of pollutants in the environment; development of analytical technique; sampling of different media including soil and water.
EMS 4055 [Not Offered] Chemical Properties of Soil (4 credits)
See AGRO 4055.
EMS 4056 [Not Offered] Microbial Ecology and Nutrient Cycling in Soils (4 credits)
See AGRO 4056 or BIOL 4256.
EMS 4077 [Not Offered] Environmental Soil Physics (3 credits)
See AGRO 4077.
EMS 4999 Senior Project in Environmental Management (1-3 credits)
F,S,Su Prereq.: permission of department, senior standing, and a minimum gpa of 3.00 on all course work taken in the major. This course may be repeated for up to 6 hrs. of credit. Course may not be taken for graduate credit. Student will develop and submit a research proposal to the faculty; student will work on a specific project under the supervision of a faculty member. This course is intended to prepare students for graduate work in some area of environmental management.


EMS 6011 [Not Offered] PLANT ENV SOIL TEACH (3.0 credits)


EMS 7057 [Not Offered] Advanced Soil Physics (4 credits)
F See AGRO 7057.