KIN 2540: Introducing Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities


Course: KIN 2540
Title: Introducing Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities
Department: KIN - Kinesiology
Credits: 3
Description: Principles and practices of physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities; laws affecting those with disabilities; motor abilities of individuals with disabilities; adjusting programs to suit the needs and interests of these individuals.


Semester Average W-Rate A B C D F Enrolled Avail Sections
Fall 2016 (shown) 25 0 1
Fall 2015 28 0 1
Fall 2014 25 1
Fall 2013 27 0 1
Fall 2012 23 2 1
Fall 2011 24 1 1
Spring 2011 29 1 1
Fall 2010 25 1
Spring 2010 25 0 1
Spring 2009 3.846 3% 85% 7% 3% 0% 0% 27 0 1
Overall 3.846 4% 85% 7% 4% 0% 0% 27


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Section Course Days Start End Enrolled Avail Type Average W-Rate Distro Instructor Room/Building
1 KIN 2540-1 TTh 10:30a 11:50a 25 0 HARGRODER W 0140 LONG FIELDHOUS


Recommended/A+ Instructor
Recommended/A+ Course
B Communication Skills
A+ Personality
A+ Course Content
A+ Exams and Grading
A+ Time Required
B Grade You Earned
Review #1 / Course: KIN 2540 / Instructor: HARGRODER W
This class was amazing! Dr. Hargroder is really nice and she knows her stuff and all she really wants is for you to gain an understanding of what it is like to be disabled and get you used to being in the disabled community. You have to do 20 service hours at local schools for kids with disabilities, which is really fun. Then there is 1 test, which is really easy and there are a couple of projects, which were okay! Really easy A, but I also learned soooo much since we actually got to go out in the field and it was fun!
Posted: 12/1/2011 2:50:45 PM
Not Recommended/D Instructor
Recommended/C Course
C Communication Skills
C Personality
C Course Content
F Exams and Grading
A+ Time Required
C Grade You Earned
Review #2 / Course: KIN 2540 / Instructor: HARGRODER W
It was fun to work with the kids, but good god, everything else about the class was pretty bad. Poor instruction and test material was quite irrelevant.
Posted: 6/23/2003 1:56:17 PM

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