KIN 3510: Techniques and Methods of Teaching Physical Education


Course: KIN 3510
Title: Techniques and Methods of Teaching Physical Education
Department: KIN - Kinesiology
Credits: 3
Description: Prereq.: KIN 2504 and competency in four activities. Concurrent enrollment in KIN 3516. Education majors only. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Microteaching and field experience required. Current teaching methods and materials in physical education; teaching styles, aids, and formulation of lesson and unit plans.


Semester Average W-Rate A B C D F Enrolled Avail Sections
Fall 2016 (shown) 0
Fall 2011 9 11 1
Fall 2010 20 1
Fall 2009 7 13 1
Fall 2008 6 14 1
Overall 0


There are no sections of KIN 3510 offered in Fall 2016.


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