KIN 7538: Practicum in Cardiac Rehabilitation


Course: KIN 7538
Title: Practicum in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Department: KIN - Kinesiology
Credits: 6
Description: Prereq.: KIN 7530, 7533, 7534, 7551. Pass-fail grading. Minimum on-site requirement is 20 hours per week. Important for exercise specialist, exercise leader, or graded exercise technician certification. Involvement in the practical application of exercise testing, exercise prescription and exercise leadership for cardiac patients.


Semester Average W-Rate A B C D F Enrolled Avail Sections
Fall 2016 (shown) 0
Spring 2012 4 95 1
Spring 2009 99 1
Overall 0


There are no sections of KIN 7538 offered in Fall 2016.


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