Landscape Architecture (LA)


LA 1101 Landscape Representation I (3 credits)
6 hrs. studio. Freehand and mechanical representation and observational skills used in design conceptualization; emphasis on the development of a vocabulary, basic skills, and techniques of landscape architecture representation.
LA 1102 [Not Offered] Landscape Representation II (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 1101. 6 hrs. studio. Developing skills in computer-aided visualization and illustrative documentation of landscapes; introduction to digital imaging, drafting, and photo manipulation.
LA 1201 Introduction to Landscape Architecture (3 credits)
Introduction to the profession of landscape architecture for non-majors; overview of professional concerns and responsibilities; awareness of natural and planned landscapes, as well as, the importance of using land in an efficient and attractive manner.
LA 1202 [Not Offered] World Landscape Architecture (3 credits)
Exploration of contemporary landscape design from around the world, including historic landscapes and gardens; urban plazas, and pedestrian areas; parks and infrastructure.
LA 1203 Views of the American Landscape (3 credits)
Concepts, patterns, and themes that shape human attitudes and activities concerning the American landscape; natural systems as links between managed landscapes and built environments; environmental and conservation ethics.
LA 1204 [Not Offered] Cities of the World (3 credits)
Exploration of the physical, social, and environmental factors which contribute to the development of cities from historical to contemporary perspective.
LA 1205 [Not Offered] Landscapes for Recreation and Tourism (3 credits)
Development and use of landscapes for recreation and tourism; interrelationships of cultural and natural influences.


LA 2001 Landscape Design I (6 credits)
Prereq.: LA 1102. Consent of school director. 12 hrs. studio. Introduction to two-and three-dimensional design; spatial sequence, meaning, and dynamic change; application to a simple design.
LA 2002 [Not Offered] Landscape Design II : Site Des ign (6 credits)
Prereq.: LA 2001 or equivalent. 12 hrs. studio. Development of landscape design processes as applied to small-scale projects; introduction of earth structures, construction materials, and plants.
LA 2101 Landscape Representation III (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 1101 and 1102. 6 hrs. studio. Advanced representation techniques developing skills of visualization and representation using freehand, mechanical, and digital imaging in design projects.
LA 2201 Landscape History I (3 credits)
Development of earliest landscape traditions; relationship of humans to landscape in major cultural areas of the ancient world; development of landscape traditions in western Europe and America from the 15th to 19th centuries.
LA 2301 [Not Offered] Landscape Technology I: Land Design (3 credits)
Prereq.: MATH 1021 and 1022 or equivalent; and LA 1102 or equivalent; consent of instructor. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. studio. Introduction to basic surveying for landscape architects; surveying systems and legal land descriptions; introduction to landscape architectural construction systems and the relationship among landform/earth, plants, and structures, topographic mapping conventions, grading design, drainage and water management, roadway design and alignment.
LA 2401 [Not Offered] Landscape Ecology (3 credits)
Prereq.: GEOG 2051 and RNR 1001 or equivalent. Class includes field trips. Application of ecological principles and relationships to resource, recreation, and landscape planning, with attention to conservation ethics and legal regulations leading to sustainability of the landscape.


LA 3001 Landscape Design III : Site Planning and Des ign (6 credits)
Prereq.: LA 2002 and 2101 and 2201 or equivalent. 12 hrs. studio. Required field trip. Students are responsible for paying travel expenses associated with the course. Arrangement of buildings, circulation, and other landscape design elements; emphasis on earthwork and drainage.
LA 3002 [Not Offered] Landscape Design IV: Community Design (6 credits)
Prereq.: LA 2101 and 3001. 12 hrs. studio. Landscape planning and design at the community and neighborhood scale; emphasis on relationships of uses, transportation infrastructure, green infrastructure, public services, and a mix of housing and commercial types.
LA 3201 [Not Offered] Landscape History II (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 2201. Major landscape movements in the 19th and 20th centuries; theory and aspects of contemporary practice of landscape architecture.
LA 3301 Landscape Technology II: Grading, Drainage, and Roads (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 2301 or equivalent; consent of instructor. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. studio. Advanced grading and drainage with emphasis on aesthetic aspects of grading and best management practices and sustainability, landscape architectural systems and infrastructures including advanced roadway design and alignment.
LA 3302 [Not Offered] Landscape Technology III: Design Detailing (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 3301 or equivalent; consent of instructor. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. studio. Relationship between design and implementation through construction processes, detailing as an extension of design, landscape architectural materials, basic structural theory, detailing and structures, technical specifications as a means of enuring design intent.
LA 3401 Plant Materials I (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 2401 for undergraduate students. 1 hr. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. Identification and study of plant materials with specific recognition of the visual and ecological characteristics of plants used in landscape design.
LA 3402 [Not Offered] Plant Materials II (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 3401. 1 hr. lecture; 4 hrs. lab. Continuation of LA 3401 with the inclusion of basic principles of planting design.


LA 4001 Landscape Design: Landscape Planning and Development V (6 credits)
Prereq.: LA 3002 and 3302. 12 hrs. studio. Landscape planning and design from the regional to the site development scale; emphasis on generating planning and design strategies for urbanization and development that are informed by an understanding of the ecology and culture of the region , and based on principles of sustainability.
LA 4002 [Not Offered] Landscape Design VI: Specialization (6 credits)
Prereq.: LA 4001. 12 hrs. studio. Required field trip. Students are responsible for paying travel expenses associated with the course. Studio projects addressing various aspects of landscape architecture.
LA 4003 [Not Offered] LANDSCAPE INTERNSHIP (6.0 credits)
LA 4008 [Not Offered] ADV TOPICS STUDIO (6.0 credits)
LA 4101 [Not Offered] Advanced Digital Representation (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 1102, 2101, or equivalent. Advanced techniques in digital representation, such as 3-D modeling, terrain modeling, animation, advanced imaging, and rendering.
LA 4201 Theory and Methods of Landscape Planning (3 credits)
2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Principal theoretical literature in landscape analysis and planning; application of theories and methods; basic skills in the use of GIS, global positioning systems (GPS), and remote sensing/image processing technology.
LA 4203 [Not Offered] Reading the Louisiana Landscape (3 credits)
Advanced seminar exploring the use of diverse sources to research and understand regional landscapes and apply these finding to project-based work.
LA 4204 [Not Offered] Planning Disaster Resilient Communities (3 credits)
Theory and methods of planning disaster resilient communities considering hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, and landslides chiefly in regions located near low-lying coastal areas and countries bordering the Pacific Rim.
LA 4301 Landscape Technology IV: Specialization (3 credits)
Prereq.: LA 3302 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. studio. Specialty topics in landscape architecture construction and design implementation.
LA 4501 [Not Offered] Field Studies in Landscape Architecture (1-3 credits)
May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit. Elective field trip. Students are responsible for paying travel expenses associated with this course. Field trip to landscape architectural office, projects, historic sites, and schools throughout the U.S. and abroad.
LA 4502 [Not Offered] Independent Study in Landscape Architecture (3 credits)
Prereq.: consent of School director. Independent study proposals must be pre-approved by the supervising faculty member. Program of individual study under faculty guidance, including auditing lectures, reading, and exercises as needed to develop skills in methods of inquiry related to the area of specialty.
LA 4504 ADV ELECTIVE IN L A (3.0 credits)
LA 4505 [Not Offered] SPEC STUDIES IN L A (1-2 credits)


LA 5001 LANDSCAPE DESIGN VII (6.0 credits)
LA 5002 [Not Offered] LANDSCAPE DESN VIII (6.0 credits)
LA 5201 RESEARCH SEMINAR (3.0 credits)
LA 5301 [Not Offered] L A PROFESNL PRACTCE (3.0 credits)


LA 7001 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC DESN I (6.0 credits)
LA 7002 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC DESN II (6.0 credits)
LA 7003 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC DESN III (6.0 credits)
LA 7004 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC DESN IV (6.0 credits)
LA 7005 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC DESN V (6.0 credits)
LA 7006 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC DESN VI (6.0 credits)
LA 7011 SITE SYSTEMS I (6.0 credits)
LA 7013 HISTORY & THEORY I (3.0 credits)
LA 7014 ECOLOGY & TECH I (3.0 credits)
LA 7021 [Not Offered] SITE SYSTEMS II (6.0 credits)
LA 7023 [Not Offered] HISTORY & THEORY II (3.0 credits)
LA 7024 [Not Offered] ECOLOGY & TECH II (3.0 credits)
LA 7031 WATER SYSTEMS (6.0 credits)
LA 7032 SPECIAL TOPICS MEDIA (3.0 credits)
LA 7033 [Not Offered] HISTORY & THEORY III (3.0 credits)
LA 7034 ECOLOGY & TECH III (3.0 credits)
LA 7041 [Not Offered] URBAN SYSTEMS (6.0 credits)
LA 7042 [Not Offered] HISTORY & THEORY IV (3.0 credits)
LA 7043 [Not Offered] PROFESSIONAL PRACTIC (3.0 credits)
LA 7044 [Not Offered] ECOLOGY & TECH IV (3.0 credits)
LA 7051 ADVANCED TOPICS I (6.0 credits)
LA 7052 THESIS PREPARATION (3.0 credits)
LA 7061 [Not Offered] ADVANCED TOPICS II (6.0 credits)
LA 7101 GRAD LANDSC REPR I (3.0 credits)
LA 7102 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC REPR II (3.0 credits)
LA 7201 [Not Offered] RESEARCH METHODS (3.0 credits)
LA 7401 [Not Offered] GRAD LANDSC ECOL (3.0 credits)


LA 8000 [Not Offered] THESIS RESEARCH (1-12 credits)