Management (MGT)


MGT 2000 Innovation and Creativity (3 credits)
Prereq.: Admitted into the College of Business and Entrepreneurship Concentration or permission of instructor. The course focuses on the role of creativity and innovation in product, service, or idea generation that may eventually lead to business formation and commercialization; barriers to creativity and innovation; alternative problem-solving approaches.


MGT 3000 [Not Offered] Petroleum Land Management Practice (1 credits)
V Open only to petroleum land management majors. Required of petroleum land management majors; waived only by consent of department. Pass-fail grading. A minimum of 6 weeks of full-time employment by a firm participating in the program.
MGT 3001 [Not Offered] Petroleum Land Management (3 credits)
V Practical and evidentiary aspects of petroleum land management; principles, and techniques derived from a synthesis of legal and geographical sciences; legal effects of various procedures of boundary locations for petroleum properties; petroleum land practices concerning utilization, a real association, and environmental impacts of drilling activity; use of topographical and historic maps, map compilations, historical cartography, air photos, archival records, and field techniques; some focus on coastal Louisiana and the Gulf South.
MGT 3010 [Not Offered] Family Business Management (3 credits)
Prereq.: ACCT 2001 and 2101 or 3001; ECON 2000, 2010; ISDS 1100; MKT 3401. Family business culture; entrepreneurial influences; key issues and conflicts; career planning; counseling and consulting; professional support relationships; survival skills as a son or daughter in a family business.
MGT 3111 Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ISDS 2000, FIN 3715, MKT 3401 (credit or concurrent enrollment) or permission of instructor. Principles of entrepreneurship; feasibility studies; financial and location analysis; marketing; promotion; management; venture capitalism; legal considerations.
MGT 3115 [Not Offered] Financing and Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
See FIN 3115.
MGT 3120 [Not Offered] SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR (3.0 credits)
MGT 3200 Principles of Management (3 credits)
Management functions, including planning, organizing, staffing/human resource management, leading/interpersonal influence, and controlling in both domestic and international spheres.
MGT 3203 [Not Offered] Independent Study: Advanced Management Topics (1-6 credits)
Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. Independent research under direction of a faculty member.
MGT 3211 Business and Society (3 credits)
Prereq.: senior standing. Open only to College of Business students; open to others with permission of department. Social roles of organizations whose primary function is the accumulation of profits; emphasis on current issues; historical development of business-society relationships.
MGT 3280 Management Internship (3 credits)
Prereq.: junior or senior standing. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. Students, supervised by a management faculty member and an approved business executive, will follow a predetermined schedule of activities while working for a business firm. Hands-on experience in the fields of management, human resource management, organizational behavior, small business management, entrepreneurship, and administrative practices.
MGT 3320 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3200. Human resource functions, including planning, recruitment, selection, development, maintenance, and reward of employees; relationships with environment and employee associations.
MGT 3500 [Not Offered] Introduction to Labor Relations (3 credits)
F,S Prereq.: Open only to College of Business students; open to others with permission of department. Management's response to organized labor in the workplace; emphasis on U.S. unionization development; government regulation of labor-management relations; union structure, political activity, collective bargaining, and contract administration.
MGT 3512 [Not Offered] Public Sector Labor Relations (3 credits)
S Prereq.: MGT 3500. Labor-management relations in government employment; variations in labor regulations in federal, state, and local government; role of third-party neutrals in public sector bargaining.
MGT 3513 Labor-Management Conflict and Cooperation (3 credits)
F Prereq.: Open only to College of Business students; open to others with permission of department. In-depth examination of issues important to workplace conflict resolution; topics include, but are not limited to, negotiation strategies and tactics, alternative dispute resolution procedures, employee-management cooperation, and/or collective bargaining.
MGT 3830 Strategically Managing Organizations (3 credits)
Prereq.: FIN 3715, MGT 3200, and MKT 3401 or 3402. Open only to College of Business students; open to others during the final semester of course work. An honors course, MGT 3831, is also available. Credit will not be given for both this course and MGT 3831. May be taken only during the final semester of course work. Analyzing strategic situations and decision making based on these analyses to ensure the success of for-profit and non-profit organizations.
MGT 3831 [Not Offered] HONORS: Strategically Managing Organizations (3 credits)
Same as MGT 3830, with special honors emphasis for qualified students. Credit will not be given for this course and MGT 3830.


MGT 4010 [Not Offered] Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3111 or permission of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. In-depth coverage of special topics.
MGT 4020 [Not Offered] Internship in Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3111 or permission of instructor. May be repeated for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. Gaining first-hand knowledge of the business start-up process: practical hands-on experience in business-plan formation.
MGT 4030 [Not Offered] Independent Study in Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3111 or permission of instructor. May be repeated for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit when topics vary. Detailed study of a specific aspect of entrepreneurship.
MGT 4100 [Not Offered] Consulting Field Project (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3111; Senior standing, or permission of instructor. Strategic focused field based project learning experiences and opportunities in public and private organizations. Team-based approach to offering consulting advice to organizations with the goal of improving their performance. Emphasis on experiential approaches that provide a participative type of learning about the crucial issues faced by organizations.
MGT 4113 Small Business Management (3 credits)
F Prereq.: senior standing. A multidisciplinary approach to small business; business start-ups, accounting, finance, marketing, management, promotion, layout, retail management, location analysis, and international small business.
MGT 4114 [Not Offered] Franchising Management (3 credits)
S Prereq.: senior standing. Understanding the franchising process; becoming a franchiser or franchisee; franchiser start-up, venture capital, finance, legal compliance, disclosure documents, franchise agreements, franchisee start-ups, franchiser-franchisee relationships, anti-trust laws, and international franchising.
MGT 4120 Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3111 or permission of instructor. The course provides a broad theoretical perspective and practical framework for understanding social entrepreneurs and the social ventures they create ranging from local social organizations to large international social ventures leading global change. Introduction to the possibilities of social entrepreneurship and an introduction to the entire social venture creation process and life cycle.
MGT 4322 [Not Offered] Employee Selection and Placement (3 credits)
S Prereq.: ISDS 2000; or equivalent and MGT 3320. Staffing requirements, recruitment strategies, development and validation of selection procedures, classification and placement of employees; problems associated with person-job matching; socialization of new employees.
MGT 4323 Compensation Administration (3 credits)
F Prereq.: MGT 3320. Quantitative and nonquantitative methods of job evaluation; wage level, wage structure, incentive plans; issues of employee compensation.
MGT 4420 Multinational Management (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3200 or equivalent. Management concepts and philosophical bases for international management operations; environmental dynamics, multinational business organizations, cultural constraints, organizational structures and processes, and conceptual systems of international operations.
MGT 4523 [Not Offered] Legal Issues in Human Resource Management (3 credits)
S Prereq.: MGT 3320. An examination of the most significant laws and court rulings influencing companies' employment practices; topics include: anti-discrimination statutes, affirmative action, commonly committed workplace torts, occupational safety and health laws, workers' compensation, and wrongful termination.
MGT 4600 [Not Offered] Crisis Management (3 credits)
See DSM 4600.
MGT 4620 Human Behavior in Organizations (3 credits)
Prereq.: MGT 3200. Open only to College of Business students; open to others with permission of department. Behavioral sciences applied to understanding human dynamics in organizations; focus on individual, interpersonal, group, and intergroup behavior; impact of human behavior on organizational effectiveness.
MGT 4701 [Not Offered] Technological Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
See ISDS 4701.
MGT 4702 [Not Offered] Managing Technology Transfer (3 credits)
V Models of technological transfer; mechanisms and barriers to technological transfer; technological transfer and industrial innovation; domestic and international aspects of technology transfer.


MGT 7111 [Not Offered] Entrepreneurship Management (3 credits)
F Investigation, analysis, and development of entrepreneurial feasibility studies and business plans.
MGT 7203 [Not Offered] Development of Management Thought (3 credits)
F-O Origin and growth of managerial concepts; contributions of leaders associated with major schools of management thought, including: scientific management, management process, empirical, human behavior, social system, decision theory, and quantitative methods.
MGT 7212 [Not Offered] Seminar in Contemporary Management Topics (3 credits)
V Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
MGT 7301 [Not Offered] Seminar in Human Resources (3 credits)
S Role of human resource managers; their relationships with employees, the external environment, and top management.
MGT 7302 [Not Offered] Reward Systems in Organizations (3 credits)
V Theories of motivation, reward, performance and behavior; their application to major issues regarding human resources allocation, development and utilization.
MGT 7401 [Not Offered] International Business Management (3 credits)
F Theories and management of international operations; development of environmental, operational, strategic, and decision making perspectives.
MGT 7600 [Not Offered] Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
F-E Behavior of people within organizations; the environment within which organizations function; components of the behavioral unit; processes, interactions, and outputs of organizational behavior.
MGT 7620 [Not Offered] Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations (3 credits)
Cross-listed with PADM 7620.
MGT 7700 [Not Offered] Organization Theory (3 credits)
S-O Macro aspects of organizations; processes by which organizations are formed, structures used in their elaboration; internal processes; environmental considerations; organizational viability and renewal.
MGT 7800 [Not Offered] Current Issues in Strategic Management (3 credits)
S Contemporary issues in strategic management theory and practice; emphasis on field projects that provide top-management problem-solving experience.
MGT 7811 [Not Offered] Research Issues in Strategic Management (3 credits)
F-E Prereq.: MGT 7800 or equivalent. Strategic planning; issues including environmental scanning, goal formulation, strategic implementation, control, and evaluation in successful organizations.


MGT 8000 [Not Offered] Thesis Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
"S"/"U" grading.


MGT 9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem. credits)
"S"/"U" grading.
MGT 9201 [Not Offered] Research Methods in Management (3 credits)
S-O Theory building; measurement reliability and validity; significance testing and statistical power; sampling strategies and missing data; multi-level and cross-level issues; research ethics.
MGT 9202 Pre-dissertation Research (1-9 credits)
May be repeated for credit. Pass-fail grading.
MGT 9204 [Not Offered] Proseminar in Management (1 credits)
Required of all inresident PhD students. Pass-fail grading. May be taken for a max. of 3 sem. hrs. when topics vary. Contemporary research and critical issues in management.
MGT 9800 [Not Offered] Seminar in Advanced Business Problems (3 credits)
May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Directed work in advanced topics.