Military Science (MILS)


MILS 1010 Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship (1 credits)
1 hr. lecture; 1 hr. lab. Restricted to freshmen and sophomores or permission of instructor. Rifle and pistol safety; breathing techniques; zeroing; physical and mental conditioning; sighting and aiming; standard firing positions; practical application on indoor firing range.
MILS 1011 Leadership and Personal Development (1 credits)
F,S 1 hr. lecture; 1.5 hrs. lab. Introduction to the personal challenges and competencies critical for effective leadership. Focus on developing basic knowledge and comprehension of Army leadership dimensions while gaining an understanding of the ROTC program, its purpose in the Army, and its advantages for students.
MILS 1012 [Not Offered] Intro to Tactical Leadership (1 credits)
F,S Prereq.: MILS 1011 or permission of instructor. 1 hr. lecture; 1.5 hrs. lab. Overview of leadership fundamentals, including setting direction, problem-solving, listening, presenting briefs, providing feedback, and effective writing skills.
MILS 1015 Army Physical Fitness Training (1 credits)
3 hrs. lab. Open to all LSU students. May be taken for a max. of 8 sem. hrs. of credit. Development of strength, stamina, agility, coordination, and flexibility through a combined program of group and individual exercise.


MILS 2161 Innovative Team Leadership (2 credits)
F,S Prereq.: MILS 1011 and 1012 or permission of instructor; 2 hrs. lecture; 1.5 hrs. lab. Explores the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by studying historical case studies and engaging in interactive student exercises.
MILS 2162 [Not Offered] Foundations of Tactical Leadership (2 credits)
F,S Prereq.: MILS 2161 or permission of instructor; 2 hrs. lecture; 1.5 hrs. lab. Examines the challenges of leading tactical teams in the complex contemporary operating environment (COE). Continued study of the theoretical basis of the Army leadership framework explores the dynamics of adaptive leadership in the context of military operations.


MILS 3011 Adaptive Tactical Leadership (4 credits)
F Prereq.: MILS 2161 and 2162 or equivalent. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Study, practice, and evaluation of adaptive team leadership skills as presented with the demands of the ROTC Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). Challenging scenarios related to small unit tactical operations are used to develop self awareness and critical thinking skills.
MILS 3012 [Not Offered] Leadership in Changing Environments (4 credits)
S Prereq.: MILS 3011. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Integrates the principles and practices of effective leadership, military operations and personal development, in order to adequately prepare for the summer Leadership Development Advanced Course (LDAC).
MILS 3013 [Not Offered] ROTC Advanced Camp (3 credits)
Su Prereq.: MILS 3011 and 3012. To receive academic credit, student must enroll in summer session prior to departure for Advanced Camp. Five week course conducted at an Army post with instructors and cadets representing ROTC programs from the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Intense leadership application and training in military skills; oral and written orders, light infantry tactics and weapons systems, and confidence building events.


MILS 4011 Developing Adaptive Leaders (4 credits)
F Prereq.: MILS 3012. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Not for graduate credit. Senior standing required. Development of proficiency in planning, executing, and assessing complex operations, functioning as a member of a staff and providing performance feedback to subordinates. Lessons on military justice and personnel processes prepare students to make the transition to becoming an Army officer.
MILS 4012 [Not Offered] Leadership in a Complex World (4 credits)
S Prereq.: MILS 4011. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Not for graduate credit. Senior standing required. Explores the dynamics of leading in the complex situations of current military operations in the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). Case studies, scenarios, and exercises are also used to prepare students to face the complex ethical and practical demand of leading as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army.
MILS 4055 [Not Offered] Civil War (3 credits)
See HIST 4055.
MILS 4066 [Not Offered] Military History of the United States (3 credits)
See HIST 4066.
MILS 4130 [Not Offered] World War II (3 credits)
See HIST 4130.
MILS 4995 Special Topics in Military History (3 credits)
May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary.