Public Administration (PADM)


PADM 5009 RES METHODS FOR PA (3.0 credits)
PADM 5010 [Not Offered] Statistical Methods for Public Administration (3 credits)
Prereq.: college algebra. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Open only to students in the MPA program. Also offered as ISDS 5010. Descriptive measures for populations and samples; basic probability theory; distributions of discrete and continuous random variables; hypothesis testing and estimation for means, variances, and proportions; measures of association; regression analysis; index numbers; applications in public administration.
PADM 5600 Microeconomic Theory for Policy Analysis (3 credits)
Open only to students in the MPA program or by consent of instructor. Also offered as ECON 5600. Concepts and analytical tools of microeconomics; their relevance for decision and policy making in public and nonprofit sectors; theories of demand, production, cost, market structures, and distribution; analysis of economic problems and policies, efficiency criteria, social impacts, and limitations of the market system.


PADM 7010 [Not Offered] Decision Models for Public Administration (3 credits)
Open only to students in the MPA program. Also offered as ISDS 7010. Models for decision making under conditions of certainty, risk, and uncertainty; statistical decision making with and without sample information; linear programming using graphical and simplex methods; transportation and assignment problems; project management using PERT and CPM; forecasting models; cost benefit analysis; current topics in public administration.
PADM 7610 Healthcare Organization and Finance (3 credits)
Overview of effective management of healthcare organizations, including understanding of their historical development and future opportunities; current issues relating to financing, regulation, reimbursement, managed care systems, and system integration.
PADM 7620 [Not Offered] Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations (3 credits)
Cross-listed with MGT 7620. Strategic planning and development of healthcare organizations focusing on long-term viability; integration of financial decisions with organizational goals and consumer health.
PADM 7640 [Not Offered] Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care Management (3 credits)
Legal and ethical issues in the delivery of health care including patients' rights, organizational responsibilities, malpractice issues, relationships among patient, providers and insurers, governmental influence in health care management, patient-provider relationships, advancing technology and medical alternatives, working with limited resources, and organizational efforts to deal with ethical issues.
PADM 7710 [Not Offered] Public Financial Management (3 credits)
Cross-listed as FIN 7710. Financial management of public agencies, including sources of financing for different levels of governments, debt financing, and capital budgeting, as well as other related topics.
PADM 7800 Independent Study in Public Administration (3 credits)
Prereq.: at least 15 credit hours of graduate work; prior written approval of faculty supervising work. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit. Independent study by MPA student.
PADM 7850 Public Administration Internship (3 credits)
Prereq.: at least 15 credit hours of graduate work completed and approval of the Director of the MPA program. Required of all pre-service MPA students. Work within a federal, state, or local government unit, nonprofit or private concern interfacing with the public sector; regular meetings with faculty; submission of a research report to the faculty member; internship is designed to connect academic and professional training to actual work experience.
PADM 7851 Public Administration Practicum (3 credits)
Prereq.: at least 15 sem. hrs. of graduate course work completed and approval of the Director of the MPA Program. Required of all MPA students. In-service students will be determined by the MPA Director. Related academic and professional training to work experience associated with the student´┐Żs present employment; regular meetings with faculty and preparation of research paper indicating relationship between principles of public management and work activities.
PADM 7900 [Not Offered] Public Administration Colloquium (3 credits)
Required of all MPA students in final semester of program; research project required. Legal, ethical, economic, political, and management principles used in assessing public administration topics; policy and administration issues.
PADM 7902 [Not Offered] Seminar in Public Policy (3 credits)
Also offered as POLI 7902.
PADM 7904 SEM POLICY & DECISIO (3.0 credits)
PADM 7910 Public Administration Theory and Practice (3 credits)
Contents and boundaries of public administration as discipline; topics include historical development of public administration as a field of study; organizational theory; professional ethics; policy development; management techniques to enhance productivity and performance; leadership; diversity; and other relevant issues for public managers; case studies used intensively.
PADM 7911 [Not Offered] Organizational Analys is for Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
Analyzing elements of effective organizational functioning in the public and nonprofit sectors, and the development of diagnostic skills to improve performance; incorporates organizational behavior and theory in the study of achieving effectiveness, efficiency, and growth.
PADM 7912 Public Personnel Policy (3 credits)
Explores human resource policy, including procedures and principles of personnel administration; traditional aspects of personnel administration including recruiting, job classification, evaluation, and compensation and dynamic topics include workforce diversity, drug abuse, whistle blowing, sexual discrimination, labor relations, and other relevant issues.
PADM 7913 Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management in the Public and Non-Profit Sector (3 credits)
Prereq.: PADM 7912 or permission of instructor. Advanced topics in human resource management including human resource management and organizational structure, workforce diversity, technology, legal and ethical issues, public policy issues, improving productivity, and other special topics of interest. Topics will vary from semester to semester.
PADM 7914 [Not Offered] Public Budgeting (3 credits)
Introduction to public budgeting; study of budget techniques; importance of budgeting in policymaking; and understanding the budget process.
PADM 7915 [Not Offered] Technology and Innovation in Public Sector (3 credits)
Evaluation of influence and role of public policies on formulation and implementation of technology and innovation strategy.
PADM 7916 [Not Offered] State and Local Government Administration (3 credits)
Examination and analysis of how state and local governments are structured and how they are managed; case studies will be used to illustrate state and local administration; current issues relating to financing, regulation, zoning, delivery systems of local.
PADM 7917 Program Evaluation (3 credits)
Prereq.: PADM 5010 or equivalent course in statistics. Also offered as POLI 7917. Assessing whether programs designed to advance the public good are reaching their goals; examining program objectives, social context in which program operates, developing research designs to assess particular programs; use of statistical analysis in measuring program elements; and developing indicators to monitor public program.
PADM 7920 [Not Offered] Ethics in the Public Service (3 credits)
Examination and analysis of role that ethical behavior and moral reasoning play in the practice of public administration; overview of dominant schools of classical ethical thought, including works of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Rawls, and Bentham, and leading ethical theories such as consequentialism, deontology, virtue ethics, and ethical relativism; readings, case studies, and experiential exercises will be used to explore the role of ethics in public service.
PADM 7924 [Not Offered] PUBLIC FIN MGT (3.0 credits)
PADM 7925 Seminar in Nonprofit Management (3 credits)
Overview of principal management functions as applied to nonprofit organizations.
PADM 7970 [Not Offered] FUNDRAIS & GRANT WRT (3.0 credits)
PADM 7980 [Not Offered] CRISIS MANAGEMENT (3.0 credits)