PHYS 2001: General Physics


Course: PHYS 2001
Title: General Physics
Department: PHYS - Physics
Credits: 3
Description: Prereq. for PHYS 2001: MATH 1022 or 1023; Prereq. for PHYS 2002: PHYS 2001. 3 hrs. lecture/demonstration. Credit will not be given for these courses and PHYS 1201, 1202 or 2101, 2102. Mechanics, heat, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism; topics in modern physics.


Semester Average W-Rate A B C D F Enrolled Avail Sections
Fall 2016 (shown) 822 108 3
Summer 2016 178 37 2
Spring 2016 534 66 2
Fall 2015 752 178 3
Summer 2015 168 112 2
Spring 2015 469 108 46
Fall 2014 600 52
Summer 2014 87 0 1
Spring 2014 527 42 43
Fall 2013 601 131 54
Summer 2013 147 90 2
Spring 2013 441 92 43
Fall 2012 707 218 3
Summer 2012 154 6 2
Spring 2012 435 95 2
Fall 2011 710 115 3
Summer 2011 103 77 1
Spring 2011 468 72 3
Fall 2010 675 3
Summer 2010 103 57 1
Spring 2010 486 54 3
Fall 2009 631 44 3
Summer 2009 3.407 6% 54% 22% 15% 0% 0% 130 35 1
Spring 2009 2.470 15% 16% 21% 37% 3% 5% 492 109 4
Overall 2.684 14% 25% 21% 33% 3% 4% 624


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NOTE: Grade distribution information for this semester is not yet available. The Average and W-Rate shown are averages for the given instructor in PHYS 2001. Click an instructor's name for a full breakdown.

Section Course Days Start End Enrolled Avail Type Average W-Rate Distro Instructor Room/Building
1 PHYS 2001-1 MWF 12:30p 1:20p 310 0 0130 NICHOLSON
2 PHYS 2001-2 MWF 2:30p 3:20p 202 108 0130 NICHOLSON
3 PHYS 2001-3 TTh 10:30a 11:50a 310 0 0130 NICHOLSON


Not Recommended/C Instructor
Not Recommended/D Course
C Communication Skills
B Personality
C Course Content
D Exams and Grading
F Time Required
C Grade You Earned
Review #1 / Course: PHYS 2001 / Instructor: YOUNG D
Very hard if you aren't good at physics (but not as bad as 2002!) Young teaches by powerpoints (opposed to Chastain who writes on the board alot and supplements with powerpoints) The good thing about Young is he does the review sessions, and it seemed he played a bigger part than the other professors in making out the exams.
Posted: 10/22/2010 10:27:26 PM
Recommended/A+ Instructor
Not Recommended/F Course
B Communication Skills
A+ Personality
D Course Content
C Exams and Grading
D Time Required
B Grade You Earned
Review #2 / Course: PHYS 2001 / Instructor: CHASTAIN R
Dr. Chastain was great! If you need to take Physics 2001 or 2002, he is the way to go. He handwrites notes on the board, which keeps his lectures from moving too quickly. If that's difficult to follow, he also posts powerpoints to Moodle. Homework became a requirement my second semester and that can take up a lot of time since there are two assignments a week. As a subject I really did not like the material, and depending on who is writing the tests they can be fairly easy to pretty tricky, but every section takes the same exam so it makes no difference. Very engaging guy who makes an effort to help out students.
Posted: 6/18/2010 3:30:56 PM
Recommended/A+ Instructor
Recommended/C Course
A+ Communication Skills
A+ Personality
B Course Content
B Exams and Grading
B Time Required
A+ Grade You Earned
Review #3 / Course: PHYS 2001 / Instructor: CHASTAIN R
if you're a pre-professional student and absolutely have to take physics 2001, take chastain. office hours are basically like an open forum in front of a white board for 2 hours, where students can ask him to work any problem (including those from homework). i have to say that the worst part about the course was not the exams, but the homework, because some problems were harder than the examples worked in class. additionally, homework is due twice a week, so you will be on your toes. if you go to lectures, understand the examples worked in class, and take advantage of the tutoring center/office hours/SI sessions, you can get through the homework though. for the exams, understanding the homework and fundamental concepts is critical. i didn't find any of the exams particularly hard, but the class averages were always very low (50-60) most likely because each question was worth almost 7 points and we were experimenting with computer based testing - the mastering physics program (not the best for physics in my opinion). after the midterm, the physics dept decided to test us via scantrons in class though due to their failed experiment w mastering physics testing. chastain himself is very laid back and has a great sense of humor, which made going to lecture regularly easy. he genuinely cares about whether students understand the material and wants to help.
Posted: 4/12/2010 6:47:09 PM
Recommended/A+ Instructor
Not Recommended/B Course
A+ Communication Skills
A+ Personality
B Course Content
B Exams and Grading
C Time Required
A+ Grade You Earned
Review #4 / Course: PHYS 2001 / Instructor: CHASTAIN R
I love math, but I do not love Physics. They are very different. Chastain is awesome, but nobody could make physics fun. Mastering Physics really REALLY really sucks, and definitely made my life harder. Get help during office hours and be prepared to study.
Posted: 4/12/2010 6:39:28 PM
Not Recommended/F Instructor
Recommended/F Course
F Communication Skills
C Personality
C Course Content
B Exams and Grading
D Time Required
F Grade You Earned
Review #5 / Course: PHYS 2001 / Instructor: CAMPBELL A
Class was pretty hard. Amy Campbell is an astrophysicist and lacks communication skills of physics on a general level. She will make you feel like an idiot and often solved problems incorrectly in class. If you ever take Campbell, be sure it's an astronomy class and not a physics course. The only reason I did so well in the class was due to the enormous curving she had to do since all of her students were failing.
Posted: 1/19/2010 10:47:41 PM

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