POLI 4065: Latin American Governments and Politics


Course: POLI 4065
Title: Latin American Governments and Politics
Department: POLI - Political Science
Credits: 3
Description: F Governmental and political processes of Latin America; their contributions to modern government.


Semester Average W-Rate A B C D F Enrolled Avail Sections
Fall 2016 (shown) 0
Spring 2016 21 29 1
Overall 0


There are no sections of POLI 4065 offered in Fall 2016.


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Review #1 / Course: POLI 4065 / Instructor: ARCE M
This man is completely unreasonable and may be suffering from a power-trip. He is insanely boring to listen to. Worst of all are his exams, prepare to know a 500 pg. book, and ten 30 page articles detail 4 detail. Avg grade @ midterms <50%
Posted: 4/22/2005 4:19:57 PM

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